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Star hotel mattress outlet

For doing mattress export trading company, received a foreign star hotel mattress business in the country to find a high-quality mattress supplier is the primary task. First, this star hotel mattress supplier have the relevant certificates, the basic business aspects of the certificate, as well as the exporting country where the industry standards certificates, such as exports to the U.S. American standard fire, exports to Europe British standard fire.
Secondly, this star hotels mattress suppliers have been exporting cases of cooperation, in order to design and produce a more consistent foreign consumers the actual needs of the mattress, because foreign consumers and domestic consumers in the mattress on the practical needs quite different, for example, foreign consumers like soft little mattress, while domestic consumers prefer more rigid point mattress.
This last-star hotel mattress supplier must be a professional to do OEM mattress manufacturers, for a brand of mattress manufacturers, in the foundry on no price advantage.